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Company AITEC Ltd.

was founded in 1997 as a purely Czech company without foreign capital. But company history dates back to 1993. Experts in our company has while worked in industry for several decades.

It is an energy-saving enviromental protection high- tech company specialized in wastewater treatment project and technology upgrading.

Since its inception, the company takes "energy-saving, emission reduction, consumption reduction" and "benefiting the country, benefiting the people, benefiting the industry " as its responsibility, takes "achieve self-worth, undertake social responsibility as faith", surging ahead in enviromental protection field.

Headquarters and production is located in the village Vilémovice, where there are available production premises and there is availability of skilled labor and there are lower costs for production. This location is situated near the higway D1.

The company offers top industry experts who have extensive practical experience in the implementation of major contracts in the industry and other fields.


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completed orders
business partners
  • Deliveries of complete galvanic lines and other lines of surface treatments such as lines for electroplating nickel, chromium, zinc, tin and others.
  • Deliveries of complete chemical treatment lines as phosphating, blackening, pickling and degreasing.
  • Deliveries of single technological equipment and components for galvanic and other surface treatment lines such as filter circuits, rinsing and operating tanks, manipulators and others.
  • Production of plastic tanks for sewage water, sumps, reaction and storage tanks for neutralization station.
  • Production of plastic tanks and vat from PP, PE, PVDF.
  • Custom manafacturing, tailored cutting of the plastics.
  • Deliveries of complete neutralization and dispose stations.
  • Supplies device and technological parts for neutralization station and dispose stations such as sand filters, activated carbon filters, ion-exchange stations, reaction tanks, repumping tanks, preparation and dosing units, calc milk prepration unit.
  • Deliveries of complete systems ACS, including software.
  • Technological process visualization SCADA / HMI, production monitoring, logging, auditing.