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Company AITEC Ltd. was founded in 1997 as a purely Czech company without foreign capital. But company history dates back to 1993. Experts in our company has while worked in industry for several decades. 

Headquarters and business management of the company is located in the village Vilémovice where there are available production premises and there is availability of skilled labor and there are lower costs for production.

Soon extension to other places in the country.

From the beginning, the company specializes in the following activities:

  • Production of plastic containers, tanks and other components for electroplating and neutralization stations
  • Delivery of equipment for galvanic surface treatment and pre-assembly of metals and nonmetals
  • Assembly and installation of technological units and galvanic lines
  • Design and software development for ACS control systems
  • Application of ACS control systems for technology processes, machinery and equipment control
  • Delivery of neutralization stations for industrial wastewater treatment
  • Water treatment equipment, preparation of demineralizated water











Company has leading industry experts who have extensive practical experience in the implementation of major contracts in the industry and other fields.

We offer individual approach to customers, flexible access, type solutions and turnkey implementation. We provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The time to perform service work is given only to the time required to travel to the customer. We develop our own software, which ensures smooth future changes and adjustments, a guarantee of service and customer support guaranteed.

Přidáno 20. 5. 2016, autor: Pavel Just

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