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Company AITEC Ltd. can provide its own production capacity, including machinery. Containers and tanks are made of plastics such as PP, PE, PVC and PVDF, or steel, stainless steel, respectively steel lined with plastic, including equipment. We produce and supply all the components and devices for neutralization stations and surface treatment. We are able to produce tanks and containers precisely tailored to customer requirements.

We also offer plastic cutting boards tailored to the required parameters. For this purpose, we own format saw.



We offer our clients the following services:

  • Production of operational tanks for degreasing, pickling, nickel plating, anodizing, zincing and other surface treatment technology
  • Rinse tanks for rinsing and non rinsing flow
  • Production of storage tanks, reaction tanks, dosing units, lamella settlers for neutralization stations
  • Production of other components for electroplating and neutralization stations such as exhaust frames, clarifying registers blenders, mixing ejector, or atypical products to customer requirements
  • Custom manafacturing, tailored cutting of the plastics.



Přidáno 20. 5. 2016, autor: Pavel Just

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