Control systems

Complete hardware and software solutions for the surface treatment lines and wastewater treatment lines including:

  • controling of rectifiers, heating and cooling, motion control rod cathode, dosing additives into the bath, rinsing and refilling the bath, etc.
  • possibility to manage rectifiers according to predefined start-up curve
  • control of manipulators, the technological process
  • print reports containing the entire technological process such as temperature times in each bath, technological sequence of operations chosen program, set the current density, the number of Ah and dosing additives, quantity and types of goods by selected program or product code
  • full visualization technology on the PC
  • fault diagnostics for easy and quick to find fault and remove it as soon as possible

ACS control system provides fully automatic operation of the line, without human intervention with the press reports on manufacturing and service operations, failures, technological conditions, etc., meets the conditions required by audit for links similar technology.

The individual components of the control system (hardware and software) are manufactured according to ISO 9001 and our company is the holder of the certificates.

To control the use PLCs, the software is our product, ensuring smooth future changes and adjustments, a guarantee of service and customer support guaranteed. For the visualization software used by Reliance, the supplier of industrial SCADA / HMI systems. Entering the parameters is performed on a standard PC and the LCD panel.

Alternatively, we offer a complete control system remote access via the GSM module with reporting faults such as the Mobile Technology or connection via a computer network, Internet or Intranet.

We provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The time to perform service work is given only to the time required to travel to the customer.

Control panel example