Wastewater treatment lines

  • delivery flow and lay-by WWT lines for the treatment of industrial wastewater
  • complete automation of wastewater treatment stations
  • visualization of technological process on the PC
  • Ion exchange polishing station with manual or automatic control
  • we provide full service including preparation of the project

Batch neutralization station for maintenance of batteries wastewater
Flow wastewater treatment station for the alkali-acid and chromium waste water

In addition to the supply of complete wastewater treatment stations we offer exchange or minor repair of equipment such as:
  • units for preparation and dosing of chemicals such as hydrated lime, bentonite, acid, lye…
  • automation of the existing neutralization station with manual operation
  • sedimentation, accumulation and reaction tanks
  • equipment for pH or Redox measuring
  • sludge treatment, including filter press
  • Ion exchange filters, sand filters or filters with active carbon


Company has leading industry experts who have extensive practical experience in the implementation of major contracts in the industry and other fields.

We have carried out difficult orders for the automotive industry, where we packed our extensive experience and knowledge.

We offer individual approach to customers, flexibility, type solutions and turnkey implementation.

We provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The time to perform service work is given only to the time required to travel to the customer.

We are developing our own software, which ensures smooth future changes and adjustments, a guarantee of service and customer support guaranteed.